Recipe Repertoire Eating Patterns

Eating Patterns Create a Recipe Repertoire

In my daily cooking and eating habits I can eat the same things over and over. Then some weeks I will have Mexican or Italian or variations of stir-fry’s. But I am exceptionally boring and for some reason once I make something I savor, I will make it over and over again so I can enjoy it from first bite to last bite again and again, with different variations to the theme.

Breakfast is always one of about five things: oatmeal, being number one on my list. Homemade bread (sometimes a baguette)with jam or nutella. Zucchini, banana or carrot loaf with cream cheese or butter. Eggs usually mixed with something like zucchini, spinach or leftover potatoes with cheese on top. Leftovers from the night before…if they rocked and there are plenty left, I think its pretty safe to say that I will be digging into them the next morning!

Lunch most often is leftovers. I have no problem the night before remembering that I will have to eat the next day in the office at some point. After dinner I put my lunch into the container I carry with me to work and am always glad to have it.

I have discovered over the last few months a cooking style that I did not notice before. It goes along hand in hand with my eating style but I have narrowed it down to a half-assed science of variations:

My own recipe variations…What’s in season variations….What the temperature is, variations. Who’s coming to dinner variations, in other words, who do I have to share it with…lol. Mexican variations. Italian variations. French variations. English variations. Caribbean variations. My own hometown, SoCal, variations. American Cafe/comfort food variations. My favorite take-out/junk food variations. Obviously, the variations I have, have to do with the climate of where I am living, the foods I was brought up with and the foods I absolutely adore.


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