Home Cooking Is A Priority

Home Cooking Is A Priority

Yes, in our lifetime, it seems it was something our grandmothers did more of than our mothers or fathers. Cooking is not some old-fashioned past-time. It’s not something to watch on television. Cooking is an activity, created by you in which you must participate. Cooking greatly contributes to your quality of life. It’s not some kind of novelty task you do once in a while and make something pretty.
Messes happen. Mistakes happen. Ingredients get forgotten. Real food goes bad.
This is real cooking at home in your kitchen. It happens in my kitchen on a daily basis. I burn stuff. Stuff sticks and I have to get out what I can that’s edible. And then there are days when everything I cook is bliss. I just want you to know it’s not always like that. It’s not the end of the world; recover and move on. What’s more is if there are mistakes, it doesn’t stop me from cooking.
And celebrity chefs don’t intimidate me from going into my own kitchen to create beautiful meals or laughable mistakes. It’s just food. And at the very same time, it’s not just food. Food is a huge part of your life – you must participate by shopping and really looking at what you’re buying and cooking it at home.
Home cooking is not old-fashioned; it’s not back to basics. It’s real life.
Don’t make it complicated; just make it a priority and cook.


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