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Infuse home cooking in your life.

The longer you steep something, the stronger it will be. Translation: the more you have home cooking in your life, the stronger the priority it will become. There are certain things, that if we want real quality from them we must give them priority—put them up on the top of the list in our life.… Continue reading Infuse home cooking in your life.

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14 Take your food with you.

If you don’t have a small cooler or a thermos, get them, it will be a good investment. Be sure to stock up on jars of all sizes. When you’re going somewhere and you know you’ll be gone for a while, bring something with you. Take a sandwich for in between your shopping trip. Take… Continue reading 14 Take your food with you.

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In making home cooking a priority in my life and making a budget work well, I have found it more and more necessary to simplify my kitchen and my relationship with food. By simplifying my kitchen I mean that I try to keep it a kitchen. As opposed to having anything else there like paperwork,… Continue reading Highlights

Home Cooking Is A Priority

Home Cooking Is A Priority

Yes, in our lifetime, it seems it was something our grandmothers did more of than our mothers or fathers. Cooking is not some old-fashioned past-time. It’s not something to watch on television. Cooking is an activity, created by you in which you must participate. Cooking greatly contributes to your quality of life. It’s not some kind… Continue reading Home Cooking Is A Priority