When we’re close to the things that mean something to us, we are connected to them.
Distractions, loss of focus of what matters make us disconnect and get us off track very easily.

Our homes, our relationships with family and friends and the food we eat all keep us grounded and give us a direct connection to what is close to us in our life. When we disconnect with these things we miss an important experiences.

Sometimes we refuse to connect because of a wall of fear we put up or an ignorance to what could be important if we gave it a chance.

Sometimes we even forget the reasons why we work – the reasons that drive us to do what we do, not the latest television show or video game to come home to – but really break it down and think about what we do and why we do it. These connections to the things that make us who we are and give us life and make us feel alive, though simple as they may be are a part of us and make us who we really are as human beings. To be connected with simple pleasures and take an interest in what surrounds us and who surrounds us is life – our life.

Valentines day is everyday because its about love –  only love; not chocolate and roses kind of love but real connecting love.

One thought on “Distracted?

  1. I thought I would have some profound thing to say after reading "Distracted", like, refusal to connect is by choice, or, maybe someday we would give it a chance, or, ignorance is bliss. But we both made choices, we're not ignorant by any means, and, as they used to tell Mom, "SOMEDAY" is not a day of the week. So, as we connect with our simple pleasures, and are aware of what surrounds us and who surrounds us, it is indeed solely our life. Well chosen or not, we are where we are because of it. I'm proud of you, for all you have lived and all you have accomplished in spite of me, to be the woman who you are. And that, my child, is a beautiful, talented, wise, compassionate and loving woman. A woman who seems to have found her own way, albeit sans any great guidance from me. We are all who we are because of and in spite of life. It is still ours and only ours- and our choices have molded our lives. And now we must stay connected and keep an interest in what and who surround us. And miss the ones we aren't able to so much. I think I'm going to have to declare that 8th day for Mom. For in my heart of hearts, I still believe that Someday….. Blessings and Love, always


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