Eating On A Budget Is Not A Novelty

Not everything in life is fun or instantaneous and sometimes when you get past the novelty of starting something new, the work and the time you put into it can be as rewarding as the finished product. Time put into something – your time – into work, play and daily living is all about care and effort through actions.

Eating on a budget seems to be something a lot of people want to try, especially the $30 A Week budget – Maybe to see if its possible to not be hungry or have the willpower. But for many people eating on a budget is not a project, its a way of life and the only way a lot of people know that they can eat well and pay their rent.

Like I’ve said many times before, I’ve done it on and off for years and even when my job situation is really good, I barely go over $30 a week on groceries, especially now that I only buy whole foods. There’s a feeling I’ve gotten of self-reliance and capability from thinking and planning and taking care of myself. Not jumping at the chance to have potato chips to satisfy a craving – but to turn and not even think about the instant gratification, but to think ‘maybe later I’ll make some fries’. It’s the change in myself I like too: I don’t want packages or brands in my cupboards and refrigerator, I just want to see the ingredients I can create with. Simple and sincere foods put together with my hands to feed me.

Once the novelty of budgeting is over and your thoughts come into place, you might find its not only about the food.


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