Talkin’ Food At Work

Luckily, I got back to work. I got my old job back, and although its a temp position, I have my hopes to secure a position with the company. All I can say is We Shall See.
I’m sticking to my project, even though they offer lunch on Friday for the employees. I’ve committed myself to this $30 A Week.  It was easier than I thought, all I said was, I’m doing a project and everything I eat has to come from home and be within my budget. Not a problem.
Before I started working here, I had not worked in an office with a group of people, and actual team of people for quite a while, years, in fact. My office jobs were alone or with one other person, and as a bookkeeper, I had my own office separate from the rest of the group. My position now is in customer service with a colorful group of people, lots of banter going on and lots of talk about food. I mean excessive talk about food. Conversations can be very entertaining and I enjoy this part of it a lot – whether listening or participating.
What was for dinner?
What’s for lunch?
What was that thing you had? Can you pick me up one of those?
Should I heat up my lunch?
I think I’ll go heat up my lunch, now.

Lots of good intelligent conversation about work and customer issues, by the way. But instead of being cooped up into a cubicle – everyone is out in the open. Different and entertaining and I’m glad to be working. I literally laugh out loud all the time and that’s a good thing.


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