Bills, Bills, Bills….Get the picture!

Yesterday, I had one of those days. It started out ok. I had to unwind at last from the week and beyond, and I did; I took Duke and went for a good walk at the river. It was warm, sunny with snow still packed on the trail. We came home and I cleaned out my frig of all the left overs, which translates to: I ate it all!
Then it all came pouring down, bills, bills, bills. And something that I didn’t foresee needed to be paid, no, no, demanded, in fact, to be paid.
Which brought me to one thing really nice that happened this week, I am no longer a temp in an office but an employee of a company and that is a nice feeling. Which really means, I can get caught up on my bills. And buy a couch and a chair and dining table…soon enough. And I am so grateful to have a good job working with some really nice people.
Back to the bills scene – stealer. I had known, of course but did not realize it needed to be paid asap – a week ago. Let me tell you something, paychecks only go so far. And my check that I thought I’d receive on Friday was not even mailed yet. Oh, lovely, I thought to myself. Now I’m checking down the list. Gas, food for lunch, cat food, dog food…all other things were paid. In about a month I should be able to pay my bills on time, once I get caught up. Oh, wow. They don’t care how long you were unemployed or how much your job pays or that you’re late on rent; they just want their money now – and can you borrow from someone to pay them, even. I’m not a big spender, this has nothing to do with spending it just has to do with late filing…well, you get the picture. Like I said it’s not easy. I would like, prefer and be much, much happier if I didn’t owe anyone anything. Jobs have been difficult to come by.
So my weekly market trip will have to wait a couple of days, no big deal. I have my list ready for when I’m ready! This isn’t the first time life happened to me!


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