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Week 24

Week 24

Chocolate chips, bulk 2.18
Walnuts, bulk 2.52
Yeast 2.49
Chocolate almond milk 1.99
Wheat tortillas 3.99
Mozarella 1.79
Chocolate syrup 1.99
Milk 1.99
Sweetened condensed milk 2.19
Tomatoes, diced, canned .79
Tomato paste 1.29
Ground beef 4.01
Stew beef 2.85
Neufchatel, cream cheese 1.79
Total 31.86

I don’t need to go to the food co-op every week – I still have bananas coming out of my ears! The ones I got were so green, I have just now been able to eat them. Plenty of potatoes, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Also, still several nectarines and the last of the cherries. I was overwhelmed with last weeks haul! For one person, it certainly is more than enough!

I’m on a new kick with my cold brewed iced coffee. I think I drink way too much of it, and it’s summer so the jolt and the creaminess are sort of a de-stressing go-to. As you can see I’ve got chocolate syrup and sweetened condensed milk….and oh…my…goodness….are these iced coffees goooood!

I’ve got my budget so ingrained now that I don’t have to add it up as I go along. Today I picked everything up and went straight to the checkout and was pretty much on target. I guess, after almost six months I’ve gotten used to what I can buy.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a batch of chili beans and froze them. I really like this make it and freeze it concept – it’s great for work lunches and quick meals (even without a mocrowave). I’ve been thinking about doing a project for one month – taking half of my food budget which would be $60 and buying some bulk meats and pasta and beans and just stocking my freezer. I’d like to see how many meals I can make with $60, filling up my freezer and see how long it will last. The remaining half of my budget would be for produce and dairy. It’s waaaay too hot to think about cooking on a scale like that right now, although, I’d probably do most of the cooking in the crockpot. I think as fall comes around and I get a nice chilly day (did I really say that?), I will try it.

My garden has produced some beautiful lettuce!! The seedlings I thought had died grew into a lovely little lettuce patch and almost ready for salad!! Fresh lettuce – I can’t wait!

It’s nice to take a hike in the morning before the heats gets intolerable!

Cook in the morning and keep your kitchen coool!

Cheers to Home Cooking!



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