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Week 25

Week 25

Raisin English muffins 1.89
Eggs 1.69
Milk 1.99
Half and half 2.39
Tuna, lg can 3.19
Brown sugar 1 lb. 1.29
Yogurt, plain 32oz. 2.59
Evaporated milk 1.29
Pasta, penne .98
Peanut butter 2.89
Cheddar cheese 2.79
Tomatoes, canned, diced .79

Total 23.77

There’s one thing for sure: We’re having a heat wave.
It is hot, hot, hot!!! I’ve got 3 fans going now…and I wouldn’t dare touch my stove! Last night I made some potato salad and hard boiled some eggs for some easy cold food for work. My lettuce is just about ready to pick…can you believe it??? – that’ll be good for a few salads this week. And a healthy version of rice pudding – cold food for breakfast, too.

Almost at the 6 Month mark! It’s right around the corner. This budget of mine is ingrained in me now. I’m planning to try some variations on spending, without changing the budgeted amount. For instance, buying for a month at a time, twice a month and every other week. Many people have to live paycheck to paycheck, so it’s important to learn how to buy when your money comes in. I’m no stranger to economic insecurity. It’s important to know it is only a temporary situation. Most importantly, learn from the experience and keep that knowledge moving forward.

This weekend is my niece’s wedding reception so I’ll be gone for 3 days for some good family fun and food. It’ll be hotter there than it is here…but thank God for air conditioning.

Why does summer always feel so much busier than winter?


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