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Week 27

Week 27

Bananas 1.90
Milk 1.99
Peanuts, bulk 2.02
Pinto beans, bulk 1.96
Mango 1.89
Broccoli .73
Plums 1.38
Avocados, 2 for 3.00
Eggs .99
Evaporated milk 1.29
Ground beef 3.59
Honey 4.95
Tuna, lg can 3.19
Tomato paste .69
Tomatoes, canned, diced .79
Chicken breasts, 4 boneless 7.53
Total 37.89

I could’ve kicked myself this week when I forgot to sign-up for the co-op. I got home late Sunday night, got very little sleep and got up to work the next day. Monday, I stayed up late again and by Tuesday, I was flat out exhausted – not thinking about food, I fell asleep too early.

The heat is so draining! I learned to open up the house at night to let in all the cool air and close it up  in the morning to conserve energy – with the fans going, this is an efficient way to keep cool.

I’ve got the crockpot on with the chicken right now with garlic, chili powder and salt and pepper. If I had lemon or lime, I would’ve added it, but, this is a really tasty dry rub. I’ll have some hot roasted tonight and have some cold for salad and a wrap or two with the whole wheat tortillas.

I cleaned out my freezer full of chili this week for my work lunches – so I might make chili with the ground beef. Not exactly sure yet. Or just burgers? I may do some potatoes in the crockpot, since it’s so hot – baked potato salad? I’ve got lettuce that’s ready from my garden, peas and some beans that  will be ready to pick in the next few days…I know! I am so amazed! 

I went out on a limb – it’s quite expensive – for some honey. It’s orange blossom honey, my favorite – and I still have yogurt. Yogurt, honey and cinnamon or a few drops of vanilla…mmmm. Another personal favorite is yogurt with Angostura bitters, a few dashes – with honey and cinnamon…just lovely

I’ve been craving a chunk monkey shake; banana, chocolate syrup and a heaping large tablespoon of peanut butter with milk and ice blended smooth – this will be my treat today! Yum!

If I can hold off and get the mango really ripe, I’ll use half of it for a mango lassi. A mango lassi is simply mango, plain yogurt, milk, sugar to taste and ice, blended smooth. This is a decadent dessert. I can always tell a good Indian restaurant by their mango lassi, it has to be just plain and simple, but the key, the absolute key ingredient is over ripe mangoes. A sweet, strong mango flavor with a deep orange color…but you have to wait for the mango to get that ripe…I can almost taste it now…but no, I will wait a few days and maybe a few more till that mango is good and ripe and smells strong and sweet.

Summer smoothies and shakes are so refreshing. With fresh fruit and yogurt a smoothie can be light and low calorie – and making them at home, you have the control of what you put into it!

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer! Keep coooool!



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