Home Cooking as a Humanitarian Act

Food Insecurity is hunger. I suppose food insecurity sounds politically correct. But, why do we need a word like hunger to sound politically correct? Do we not want the people who are hungry to feel bad about being hungry? I’m torn. I want people that need help to be able to ask for resources to help them get through troubled times without feeling bad. I certainly do not want pride to be an issue as far as hunger is concerned. Unemployment, conflict and natural disasters, including draught are all factors in the fight against hunger.

Nobody could possibly want hunger in their life.

Right here, I hope you understand what I’m talking about, because, right now, I’m going to switch gears. Yes, there are problems with people feeding themselves and their families. All over the world. What I want to say loud and clear here is that I am a home cooking advocate. I believe if we all took the time to shop well with the budgets we have, and buy whole, real-food ingredients in their natural state and took them home to cook, it would make a huge difference in our lives and our quality of life.

To take something as simple as home cooking and say loud and clear that home cooking is a humanitarian act is that going too far? And why shouldn’t it be? Cooking is a humanitarian act, seriously. Look at the world we live in, all of it, from your home to your community to the country we live in to the world we all live in. What do we all have in common? Cooking food and meals with family. Yes, different in preparation and ritual, as far as region and nationality go, but, it is the one thing we do all over the world that we all have in common. It makes us human, therefore, it is a humanitarian act.

I’ve written a short, simple book, Inspired Home Cooking. While writing it, I made a note never to use the word hunger, as if home cooking were a fight against it. On this site, I have made a point of saying that I was pro-cooking. To end the negative food issues, it must be a priority to cook with whole foods, as much as we can, if not, all the time. Use our budgets wisely and cook. Simple.

I’m not out to talk about what I don’t believe in or fighting against; I am speaking out to promote what I do believe in: Home cooking.


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