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Week 28

Week 28

Food Co-op!

2 lbs. baby carrots, bagged
1 pint grape tomatoes
3 small mangoes
6 red potatoes
6 oz. blueberries
5 lg peaches
5 white plumbs
2 med red bell peppers
3 lbs red grapes
1 lg head romaine lettuce
1 lg English cucumber
1 cantaloupe

Total 15.00
fee 1.50

With all of this, plus what I have in my garden, I’ve got the cornucopia of plenty. In my garden I’ve got yellow beans, lettuce and lots and lots of peas – see my garden post soon, I’m about to post pictures!

I’m not a fan of produce prepared and bagged, like the carrots. I was quite surprised to see them, also, the cucumber is wrapped. Not that I won’t eat them, I will, but if it were my choice at the market, I would not buy prepared produce. This is a food co-op, not an organic CSA, I had to remind myself. All of it will be eaten. Just to get myself started, I opened a bag of carrots and dipped a few into the peanut butter jar, and I shared a couple with Duke.

Last night I made a pasta dish with penne, onions, garlic, red bell peppers and some ground beef, with a little mozzarella melted on top for lunches. In the crockpot, right now, I have chili with no meat, not vegetarian because it does have stock. To replace the meat, I have wheat berries and brown rice. I thought I had some bulgur wheat – but, I guess I used it. An amazing trick for making chili – a  meatless chili – is to put in bulgur wheat. Bulgur wheat has the same texture as ground beef and when mixed in the sauce looks just like ground beef. I learned this at a restaurant I used to work at years ago. It will fool a strict vegetarian! For the rest of us, it is an amazing meat stretcher, mix 1 pound ground beef with a 2 cups cooked bulgur and you have twice as much filling for tacos, enchiladas and soups! Just season as you would the ground beef.

Cooked grains are, also, great mixed in salads. Tossed with some oil and vinegar and chopped veggies, they are an amazing summer salad, ready to-go in your frig! The longer they marinade with other flavors the better the flavor!

I have not shopped at the market yet, tomorrow – until then, Hope you’re having a cooooool summer, because it’s a hot one!



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