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Week 28 – Market Trip

Week 28 – Market Trip

English muffins 1.99
Bulgur wheat, bulk .97
Granola, bulk 2.80
Cheese, 1lb 4.89
Half & half 2.39
Milk 1.99
Yogurt, plain 2.59
Corn tortillas 1.99
Total 19.61

I am on a yogurt parfait kick, I have to have one practically every day. And right now I have blueberries and peaches which will make amazing parfaits! The corn tortillas are local and there might be 4 dozen in the package, it’s a lot and lasts me a long time. Been thinking about making some tortilla chips, also. Just take about six of them, slice them into triangles and drop into my fryer. These are the best chips! I make just enough of them – and that’s it, but let me tell you something they are so, so much better than anything store bought; just think, really good Mexican restaurant!

I know, I know, I need to make my own granola. But it is just too flippin’ hot to turn that oven on. So that will have to wait till it cools off! Same goes with the English muffins-

And I got my bulgur wheat – to stretch those meat dollars. Seriously, you need to try mixing it with ground beef, you’ll be glad you did. Just season like you would taco meat or chili. Delicious!

Feel free to kick out some ideas for money saving meals and shopping on a budget.
I would love to hear from you!



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