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Week 29

Week 29

Sugar 2.98
Chinese cabbage 2.70
Wheat bread 2.79
Butter 2.00
Strawberries 2.00
Lemons, 2 qty 1.98
Nutella 2.98
Cucumbers, 2 qty 1.58
Total $19.01

The produce in the market these days is phenomenal, so I went ahead with that and skipped the co-op. Eating well, does mean spending approximately half of your food budget on fruits and vegetables.
I saw the cabbage and had an instant craving for sauteed cabbage. It’s huge, so I think I’ll do some plain with butter and some with soy sauce and sesame seeds.

I may have to stop for some tomatoes – somehow I missed them. Sandwiches made with cream cheese, tomatoes and cucumber…Yum! 

Butter lasts me about 4 to 6 weeks – as long as I’m not baking! Or slathering it on homemade bread – eek, I know, but it’s one of the best things in the world. Nutella, is to me a staple; a must have on toast or straight from the jar.

I’ve got a pretty good thing going in my garden. Now that I have sort of discovered my capability with this new found skill, I am planning for next year. Funny thing, huh? It seems to me, having a garden is always a work in progress. Something growing in front of you, and something growing in your mind for the next season. With progress, grows confidence. I was too big for my britches this last spring, not realizing the work involved. It takes time, year after year to build it up. Next year it still won’t be the way I want it – there is always something to look forward to and try for the next year. And at the same time, that feeling of satisfaction of seeing what has become so beautiful has a way of keeping you inspired for the next planting. Just like life. Start small and build up your confidence: Just do it, it’s worth it in every possible way.



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