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Week 30

Week 30

I stopped at two different markets on my way home on Friday.

Almonds, bulk 1.95
Graham flour 2.39
Chocolate Syrup 2.29
Udon noodles 2.29
Curry powder 2.59
Tomatoes 1.29
Total 13.67 (tax included)

Chicken breasts 7.03
Corn on the cob, 4/1.00
Bacon 3.99
Bean sprouts .70
Eggs 1.19
Sour cream 1.39
Total 15.30

Grand Total 28.97

Had an oops moment (9-1-12)…Found this receipt in my purse and forgot to include it.
Bulgur wheat .96 (The receipt says burger mix, bulk. So for now it’s bulgur)
Chocolate chips 1.35
Tax .14
Total 2.45

New Grand Total 31.42

I made an amazing stir-fry with the noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, onions, red pepper, broccoli and garlic. This didn’t last long, it really hit the spot. When I found the udon noodles my heart was set on stir fry and it was delicious! For lunch the next few days, I’ve got chicken and rice – I chopped some bacon, fried it, then cooked the chicken in a bit of the bacon and garlic…nice comfort food. 

It’s still so hot that all the cooking I do is as quick as possible. It stays cool in the house, with the cool mountain air from the night closed up in the morning – but no reason to have any unnecessry heat.

I am a huge curry fan, lately, I’ve made curried egg salad. I got a great price on the curry – good buy! I have a lot of chicken, so the remainder will be curried chicken.

My little dog is not doing so well. He’s on insulin twice a day, but, now I’m afraid he’s losing his sight. The bright sun bothers his eyes. Today on the trail, thank God, I caught sight of him running in the opposite direction. So I have to make clucking sounds, clap and talk to him more so he stays with me. The vet had warned me of this, and for now, otherwise he seems ok. Just more watchful care on my part.

For all of you with school age kids…schools back soon! Enjoy the last days of summer vacation!



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