Dog Days of Summer

Oh, the lazy hot days of summer. It’s hard to believe they’re at their end here in central Idaho. Fires, smoke and heat have been a primary concern over the past 7-10 days. I can finally see blue sky peak through in the south east. And the temperature is only 82 degrees today with a nice wind blowing today.

I went ahead and turned my oven on for about an hour to bake a loaf of bread and threw in some potatoes while it was on. The smell, as always, is intoxicating. I do hope to have this loaf for the week – but I’m not so sure. I’m a bread girl and this week, I had two cravings: One day I got a demi-baguette and the next day I got a bagel from the bakery next to my new job.

Did I mention that I got a new job? I started two weeks ago, and life is much different. The difference is like night and day – my stress level has gone down.Way down. Let me just say this: life is too short to work in a negative environment. I figured it out several months ago, and it only got worse; it took its toll on me, as, I get insomnia and I can tell when my body is not flowing right – major red flags in my life. It took time to get something else and with some effort, it worked and when something else better came up, I was able to take it.

Being in that kind of situation can be a constant struggle because you do really want out, but, you feel like you could put yourself or your family in jeopardy because you feel like you won’t be bringing in the same paychecks. Remind yourself, if you are in this kind of situation that the temporary set-back is only that: it’s temporary. Working for good people in an environment that has a positive vibe is the best way to live. If I could have one wish for everyone it would be for everyone to have good work that in some way makes them feel fulfilled at the end of the day and keeps them busy and allows a genuine smile on their face and gives them a good life. I know work is hard to find, truly, I do. And I know what working for an asshole is like when you feel like you’d lose all you had if you left – it’s daily torture. Do your best and take something else, with less pay, if that’s the case – and keep in mind that you can take something like this and grow with a better company that will treat you well. To feel truly appreciated is a base human desire that we all are capable of having and we all are deserving of. It’s a true blessing.

I hope you’re enjoying the last lazy days of summer!



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