Stress Eating

Stress eating is very common. Just read anything about dieting. The easiest way to lose weight is to eliminate stress, in addition to eating well and exercising. Results come easier when we’re in a good mood. Things in our life are bound to affect us, if we let them.

Poor planning this week affected my meals. Poor planning affected what I ate and when I ate it, and in a mortifying way, it was pleasurable to eat badly because it was a reward for having to deal with unpleasant people and unjust situations. Sound familiar to anyone?

Eating should always be a pleasure. Always. Always. Always. Eating a meal should be a pleasant experience. Food is nourishment and will always find its place in our body – and so will fat and salt. Stress eating needs instant gratification whenever and wherever. AKA grazing, piece meals, and simply stuffing your face in the privacy of your own home over the sink or in front of the open refrigerator door. Yup, it happens.

For three nights in a row I made French fries, which I do quite often, a few times a month, just not three nights in a row. I eat a lot of bread, too; just not as a whole meal. I was ravenous, quick and simple and good (not good for me) were all that mattered.

If I’d made myself stop and sit down at the table – or counter in my house – and put what I was eating on a plate with something else to form a meal, I may have had second thoughts about what and how much I was shoveling in my mouth.

I have certain approximations for meal times. The times are usually within around a half an hour of that time. To eliminate snacking, I will put something out that I really want to eat on my plate to have with the rest of my meal. For instance, if I want chocolate, I will put a piece on my plate to have with my meal at mealtime, and wait to savor it. After each meal I really like to have a cup of coffee or tea, for some reason I feel more satisfied – a long time habit, since around junior high, believe it or not.

It’s important to identify what’s going on in your life and that your feelings are justified. Feel how you’re supposed to feel, just don’t over exaggerate it to justify why you ate a whole bag of chips or 3 potatoes French fried (in my case x 3). Watch how you react, even with lots of negativity coming your way, try to stay as pleasant as possible and keep a positive attitude.

What is the best thing for stress? Remember, I am just a regular human being speaking from experience. Personally, I find a long walk followed by a cup of tea the best thing for me. Cooking, using my hands is second best to this. Doing something with my hands like cleaning, or really scouring something; prepping like chopping and filling containers for the frig. Feeling accomplished, no matter how small the task, is mighty important.

At the end of the day, curl up with a good absorbing book.

Step away from the brownies, potatoes and bagels! And please SIT DOWN!


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