$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 51

Week 51

Almonds 1.71
Trail Mix 3.82
Bananas 1.19
Cilantro .40
Tax .47
Total 7.59

I love trail mix. Often, a bag of trailmix, cottage cheese and a banana have been lunch for me. I have eaten like this for as long as I can remember…starting as far back as junior high school. This is what fast food should be.


I have some frozen chili, tortillas and sour cream and cilantro…delicious and flavorful burritos.

As of this week I am 6.73 under budget. I have included my Christmas baking ingredients as I have a lot of surplus. Oh, there were the $3 or $4 lost receipt from last week. And it seems like I have a lot in my cupboards. But, not much in the way of produce. I have potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and of course bananas. So that will be mainly what I shop for this week.

Planning is key to spending wisely and eating healthy. At least try and plan your breakfast and lunches and have in mind 2 or 3 different dinner meals. Keep this in mind as you shop. Separate the items into meals in your cart as you shop. And when you get home prep for the meals or cook them all on the same day so you have only a short time in the kitchen during the week. Do Plan!!



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