$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 52!!!!!!!

Week 52

Grape Nuts (store brand) 3.39
Milk 1.99
Eggs 1.79
Half and half 1.99
Chocolate 2.59
Apples 1.99
Oranges 1.32
Lettuce 1.82
Tomatoes 1.65
Avocado 1.99
Corn tortillas 1.39
Cheese 1.99
Beef stew meat 3.47
Tax 1.64
Total 29.01


I have to say the year went by pretty quick. And I can pretty much shop for $30 worth of food with my eyes closed. I am craving Mexican food…and shoot just remembered I forgot oatmeal but then I got cereal so I’m ok. Pheewww. I literally went off on a pantry list tangent just now. I think: lentils, potatoes, onions, eggs, oatmeal, milk…therefore I am stocked. Stocked!!!

Priority Shift

So, in the past I have always done this: Pay bills and other expenses then figure in my food expense. What I did this year that was transforming for me was add in my food expense with my bills. It was not an extra cost to me when I looked at it from this point of view. I knew my limit because now it was ingrained on my soul. Or should I say I know my limit so good and well that I could shop in my sleep; walk through the market and fill my cart and check out under 30 bucks. BTW, I see people in their pj’s in the market all the time but you won’t see me.

I do have plenty of surplus in the dry goods department. Beans, lentils, rice, onions, a few sweet potatoes. And remember I had some stuff to start out with because last year when I started this program I didn’t have a job — so I had to be resourceful and use it up. A lot of things have changed since then and I have, fortunately, had a full time job since last February. Thank God.

I am working on getting this site more of a delectable place to visit. Things like big pictures and user friendly details. Oh, details, details, details….they will be coming soon. Think Coming Attractions from Inspired Home Cooking! And if we all meditate at once maybe they will come sooner.

Peace. Love. And Home Cooking.


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