In Stark Contrast

A couple of days ago, I got the news that my cousin had moved to Hawaii. Jen has always been a true Island Girl. Yes, that’s Jen as in the Broccoli Salad I posted a couple of posts back. I have invited her to Guest Post as she is a great cook and an amazing photographer…I am so looking forward to what she has to contribute!!

The cooking of Hawaii is amazing and historical – fresh produce and fresh fish, the Japanese influence to the strange, intriguing influence of WWII, aka Spam.

I want to share the contrasting beauty of our very different landscapes.

This mountain picture is my very favorite – when I sent it to people I had to say “This is not a postcard!”

Idaho mountain home.
Idaho mountain home.

This is the picture that Jenny sent me. You can just imagine feeling the warm, balmy ocean breeze.

Jen's Island Home

Both are stunningly beautiful in their own way! I wish Jenny all the happiness in the world in her Island Adventure.



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