Eating Style · Home Cooking

8 Eat food as food.

Take me as I am here, but I think food should look like food. It should not be 17 vitamins and
minerals enrobed in chocolate. Or, shaken in a can with fiber filling ingredients and protein. I had for many years eaten a nutrition bar and a cup of coffee for breakfast and felt sort of empty and hungrier after eating it. Then I switched to oatmeal, plain old oatmeal every weekday
morning and love it. It fills me up, it’s healthy and it looks just like oatmeal.

Eggs, too, if you need to cut back on cholesterol, eat the whites and save the yolks for something
else. Use it in a bread or a sauce and spread it out so it’s not as intense as eating a whole yolk. But, please forgo the small carton of “eggs.”

A carrot full of vitamin C should look like a carrot. Butter should be butter and not some
plastic tasting yellow fluff in a tub. Chocolate, God bless it, should be its beautiful self, not
concealing something full of vitamins and fiber with a certain amount of calories for meal
replacement or a snack.

Make things healthier by adding bran and flax seeds, but call a cookie a cookie, even if you
sweeten it with apple juice.

The whole ingredient should look and taste like just what it is. It should taste good before you
combine it or cook with it.

If you’re tired, you’re tired. Maybe a cup of tea or coffee would be nice for refreshment, tasting like what it is. Not a shot of energy in a tiny package sitting on top of the counter in a convenience store. But try not to eat food just as a quick energy source; a certain amount of calories in a little package.


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