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7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.

It’s an old fashioned ritual to stop everything and eat. I think it’s a really good thing to try and carve out eating time. Stop the car. Stop working. Stop the t.v. Turn off the computer. Stop texting. Never, ever, eat standing up. Don’t answer your phone. Honor this ritual. Savor your food; really taste it. Do not attempt to just get it over with, enjoy your food, and honor your mealtime.

I love food and I am so guilty of not doing this. I will eat in front of the open refrigerator if I’m really hungry. I will eat at the stove and my favorite, because crumbs don’t get all over—
standing over the kitchen sink. For years I have eaten a cold pancake—which I love—long after
breakfast is over with whatever is around—grape jelly, bacon crumbles from the paper towel they’re
drained on…stuffing my mouth over the kitchen sink.

Sigh…I am always reminding myself to stop and eat. It does not seem to take up a lot of time and I
enjoy my food more. I tend to focus more on the meal and eat a bit less. It helps a lot to have a
designated space to eat. A table set away from the t.v. and computer. I love food and enjoy eating so making this more of a ritual is getting to be easier. Everything else can wait.

By making food a priority, carving out time to enjoy eating it just makes sense. Savor your food.
Focus on what you’re eating. Taste it, really taste it. Give it the attention it deserves. In doing this you are nourishing your soul.

Don’t just eat to satisfy hunger. Breathe. Take bites.


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