Benefits of Home Cooking · Little Rituals · Self-Defining Meals

11 Eat Three meals a day.

Mealtime always comes around. Sacred times in your day. Set times and set places.

When our body knows meal time is coming it will tell you. In-between meal snacks become less
desirable when you are looking forward to a satisfying meal.

If meal time is late, it’s late. Your stomach will still be satisfied.

Just a few bites of fruit or raw vegetables, maybe a piece of bread is all you need and then your
meal will come.

For years, I did not eat breakfast. Just coffee, sometimes with juice. Weekends, I’d make eggs
and pancakes or scones. Suddenly, I found that I needed something in the morning, so I started
eating just some toast and then I became hooked on oatmeal.

Set times for your meals, so your body knows when to expect nourishment. So it becomes a
habit not only to eat but to prepare the meal and set up for it. It doesn’t take too long to eat.

If you’re eating processed food and snack inbetween meals now, if you set your sights on
three meals, you’ll be eating well.

Set up your breakfast with two or three standard choices. The same with lunch, not including the
leftovers from dinner you’ll be able to eat. For dinner, plan to cook three to four times a week
with enough for a couple of lunches. Keep your meals covered, so when the time comes it doesn’t
hit you by surprise and you don’t have anything ready. Trust me don’t get into this ravenous rut
where you make yourself feel deprived because you’re not ready. Be ready with some food cooked
in the frig.

Make sure you eat. Three meals. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. In twenty-four hours. Your metabolism
will thank you. Your soul will be satisfied, too.


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