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11 Eat Three meals a day.

Mealtime always comes around. Sacred times in your day. Set times and set places. When our body knows meal time is coming it will tell you. In-between meal snacks become less desirable when you are looking forward to a satisfying meal. If meal time is late, it’s late. Your stomach will still be satisfied. Just… Continue reading 11 Eat Three meals a day.

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7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.

It’s an old fashioned ritual to stop everything and eat. I think it’s a really good thing to try and carve out eating time. Stop the car. Stop working. Stop the t.v. Turn off the computer. Stop texting. Never, ever, eat standing up. Don’t answer your phone. Honor this ritual. Savor your food; really taste… Continue reading 7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.