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Infuse home cooking in your life.

The longer you steep something, the stronger it will be. Translation: the more you have home cooking in your life, the stronger the priority it will become. There are certain things, that if we want real quality from them we must give them priority—put them up on the top of the list in our life.… Continue reading Infuse home cooking in your life.

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11 Eat Three meals a day.

Mealtime always comes around. Sacred times in your day. Set times and set places. When our body knows meal time is coming it will tell you. In-between meal snacks become less desirable when you are looking forward to a satisfying meal. If meal time is late, it’s late. Your stomach will still be satisfied. Just… Continue reading 11 Eat Three meals a day.

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7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.

It’s an old fashioned ritual to stop everything and eat. I think it’s a really good thing to try and carve out eating time. Stop the car. Stop working. Stop the t.v. Turn off the computer. Stop texting. Never, ever, eat standing up. Don’t answer your phone. Honor this ritual. Savor your food; really taste… Continue reading 7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.

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6 Buy whole ingredients.

The ingredients we make our meals from should be whole. Appreciate each whole ingredient before you combine them with other ingredients. By buying whole ingredients you’ll love and appreciate each individual taste in its natural state. If you buy mainly whole foods, you know what you’re getting. When you do need to buy other items… Continue reading 6 Buy whole ingredients.

Benefits of Home Cooking · Body and Soul Nourishing · Empowering · Everyday Cooking · Fear of the Inconvenient · Home Cooking

5 Remove convenience food from your life.

Instant gratification should not pertain to meals. We should have hunger pangs, it means mealtime is coming up and our bodies are expecting nourishment and our souls are expecting replenishment. Simple as that. Our stomachs are supposed to rumble and create gastric juices; these juices are what are needed to help our food digest. Food… Continue reading 5 Remove convenience food from your life.

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Cooking To Call Your Own

Rediscovering simple ingredients – there is originality in seeing the old, familiar thing as something new. There are boundless resources for cooking – literally, hundreds of cooking sites full of recipes at our fingertips. I use the internet all the time for cooking; I look up something I want to make and there are usually dozens of… Continue reading Cooking To Call Your Own

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Take A Look In The Mirror

We have to learn to be more self-reliant. It is so, so important that this is a priority. In our daily lives living well means living well simply. Getting rid of complicated products and learning simple tasks. I am not talking about ridding processed food or ready-made things from our lives altogether; I am simply… Continue reading Take A Look In The Mirror