Eating Out · Local

28 Be choosy when you do eat out.

We Americans go out approximately every third day. Is there something about our week that tires
us out and we look at our own kitchen as a burden to bare? Realistically, there are going to be
times when you’re going to go out to eat. Be a local when it comes to eating out in your own
neighborhood. Look for the family/individually owned place that specializes in ethnic and/or
homemade menu items made with local ingredients. Patronize these places and forget about the streamlined chain restaurants. Don’t waste your money.

Work is going to be tiring and stressful. Socially, it’s impossible to not go out once in a while. Set your limits; go out once a month, twice a month, maybe once a week. Just have a boundary. Be
choosy and enjoy the quality and different foods offered by local establishments.

The best part of travelling is tasting the local food and produce and seeing the way other people and other cultures cook differently than you do. It’s inspiring to say the least, to see and learn and experience and take those wonderful things home when you leave. Look up the area you will be
travelling in and the local establishments recommended by others. Local farmer’s markets offer all kinds of produce, baked products, cheeses and general quick street food. Go to them, stock up for a couple of days and enjoy the area and all it has to offer.

Does the area have a specialty food there are signs for when driving into town? Stop and visit. See
what it’s all about. Is there a place with long lines? That’s the place to visit and spend your
money. There will be fresh, good, local food there. Is the area known for a particular fruit or
produce? Stop at roadside produce stands. Sometimes they will offer lots of other locally produced items like honey, nuts or jerky. If you’re lucky they may even have local cookbooks which are wonderful to pick up, along with advice for places to visit and eat.

I love travelling and going into a local grocery store to see how the locals eat. It’s like seeing the culture at eye level; seeing the way people eat; what they buy to take home and prepare. Try to
always think locally, wherever you are, wherever you may go.


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