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27 Utilize your resources.

With the internet and television plus all the cookbooks and magazines available for free at
libraries, inspiration for cooking at home is all around. Utilize these resources to build your
repertoire and hone your skills.

Recipes abound! Also, you will find techniques, dictionaries, food glossaries, tips and hints and
history. Online cooking resources are out there and amazing, everything you want and need to know to
inspire you into cooking.

Go back home and learn from Mom or Dad or Grandma. Revisit your roots. Add these recipes in your book. Make sure to include personal comments on recipes you’ve tried.

Most people are very flattered when asked for ‘their recipe’ or how they made something as it’s
something they take pride in and have taken the time to prepare.

Save your favorite sites and blogs to your favorites for easy access.

If you are having trouble with a certain technique, you will find an answer and better yet a video of someone expertly demonstrating the exact technique you need to learn. Many blogs and cooking sites will answer questions and offer helpful tips by authors and/or readers. Take advantage of all that is available to you, there is no reason for excuses. You will be inspired to cook.


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