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30 Cut back on consumerism.

I think of P.T. Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Simplicity is powerful. Eliminating fast food and processed food, you will feel less chaos in your life. Because instead of looking to something else to fill a void, you are simply looking to yourself. There are lots of products out there—thousands of them alone… Continue reading 30 Cut back on consumerism.

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29 Make your house smell like a home.

Learn to bake bread. Learn to make stock. Ah, aromas! I am not one to make everything. I have my limits; I will not make cheese, or smoke my own meat. If you have a certain talent and enjoy making certain foods, then by all means, ask me over. There are still things I am… Continue reading 29 Make your house smell like a home.

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28 Be choosy when you do eat out.

We Americans go out approximately every third day. Is there something about our week that tires us out and we look at our own kitchen as a burden to bare? Realistically, there are going to be times when you’re going to go out to eat. Be a local when it comes to eating out in… Continue reading 28 Be choosy when you do eat out.

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27 Utilize your resources.

With the internet and television plus all the cookbooks and magazines available for free at libraries, inspiration for cooking at home is all around. Utilize these resources to build your repertoire and hone your skills. Recipes abound! Also, you will find techniques, dictionaries, food glossaries, tips and hints and history. Online cooking resources are out… Continue reading 27 Utilize your resources.

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26 Feed yourself fast and simple.

Yes, there are days when you just can’t do it. Another benefit to buying whole food is that you can quickly put together a simple meal. With not much in the way of leftovers in the frig, place some whole foods on a plate. Slice a tomato and an avocado on a plate with some… Continue reading 26 Feed yourself fast and simple.