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30 Cut back on consumerism.

I think of P.T. Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Simplicity is powerful. Eliminating fast food and processed food, you will feel less chaos in your
life. Because instead of looking to something else to fill a void, you are simply looking to yourself.

There are lots of products out there—thousands of them alone in the grocery store, products we’re
told by the package and the commercial that it will be easier for us to prepare or to clean up
with. Did you ever stop to think that the people selling this stuff probably don’t even clean their
own home? And the people cleaning their homes wouldn’t use it.

In the kitchen, cut back on paper towels. Cut up old t-shirts for cleaning up the kitchen. No, it
doesn’t sound exciting to use old t-shirts for cleaning, but who made cleaning exciting: the
commercials. In the end the special mop, sprays and wipes did the same thing an old t-shirt did;
they made it look easy by using their product, but in the end it wasn’t any easier and cost more. Ask yourself, Is there something I already have that can do the job? Buying too much stuff is a wasteful habit. Labels and brands get to be very expensive. The word‘cheap’ suggests of little value, and that is not what I’m getting at. If something is inexpensive and I have to buy a new one every year, why not pay a higher price and have something for several years? Thrift stores often have better quality used items than are available or affordable new. I would rather buy something
that will really suit me and last than something that’s a fad that will be ridiculous to have in a
couple of months, so I wait until I find something I really love that I know I’ll enjoy for a long time. In some cases, old things are better than new things. Buy things that can be repaired.
Some things, like leather, linen and cast iron all get better with time. Look at what you already
have that you can repurpose.

Handmade, imperfect things can be charming, heartfelt and meaningful. A homemade cake that tilts to one side is still more beautiful and tastes better than anything store bought.

Collect natural things like rocks, shells, pictures and things you can buy used that will last.

Food fads are designed for kids—and some adults, too. Individual portion sized packages, embedded with cartoon characters or mascots are made to make a child feel special. They can identify with this character as it gets their attention and makes them laugh—with food. It’s a distraction, but it gets them to eat. Food is food. We know that. Our children need to know that and appreciate that, too. Real food is a beautiful thing.

When you buy, buy thoughtfully. Buy whole, real, quality food and things.


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