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Infuse home cooking in your life.

The longer you steep something, the stronger it will be. Translation: the more you have home
cooking in your life, the stronger the priority it will become. There are certain things, that if we
want real quality from them we must give them priority—put them up on the top of the list in our
life. No one is going to actually do the right things for us, we have to step up and do the right thing.

Home cooking is not a fad, it’s always been around—never actually went anywhere, in fact.
Fast and convenient food most likely will not be going anywhere, either. It’s the priority in our
lives that is changing.

This is a time of reconnecting. It was a natural thing for us to do, to stray away from an
important thing like home cooking. Because we were told that fast and easy was good for us and
we didn’t have time to cook, it felt like some long lost friend came into our life and was keeping an eye on us, so in a way we couldn’t help but buy into it. It’s time to think for ourselves. It’s time to reconnect with our own kitchen and make time to cook.

You have to be hard on yourself. It takes self discipline. Who else is going to cut you off when
you start whining on the way home after work when you’re tired and hungry and want to stop for a burger? It takes effort. Entitlement is not soul nourishment, in fact, it totally robs us of this.
We are not entitled to a ninety-nine cent burger just because it’s affordable to us.

Sometimes the reason we do something is because we don’t know any better. But we do. Resources
are everywhere.

I know what a home cooked meal means to me and it is not only about the food. It makes me feel
good, even a simple meal prepared for me. I took the time to care about myself. The simple fact of
life is to just enjoy the way something makes us feel.

If we start with one meal a day, home cooked, from scratch, then advance to two meals a day.
Move to two days a week. Taking small steps to change does not make it seem so daunting.
Suddenly, you will find you enjoy cooking and eating your own meals. Gradually this will
become a way of life and you will see and feel the difference.

Maybe someday there will be commercials to encourage and inspire us to cook with whole
ingredients at home in our own kitchen.


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