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The Contented Taco

I admit to being a creature of habit as far as breakfast and lunch go. I can eat the same thing day after day for both and not even think about – What happens is I buy enough for the week and have it to last me at least throught the workweek.
Dinner is a different story. I like to cook and be creative but most of the time I do keep it pretty simple.
Tonight I made tacos. I fried some flour tortillas, cooked some ground turkey meat with some onion and salt and pepper, filled the shell with the meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream. Perfect! I don’t need anything else. I am full and content…Peace.

One thought on “The Contented Taco

  1. Its Beef Fajitas for us tonight! Homegrown grass-fed beef with homemade tortillas and organic peppers and onions.(pass the margaritas,please;) Mmm,so yummy! I was raised on homegrown food on a goat farm in North Idaho,so I have a very hard time eating any other way. When I do taste a Taco from Taco Time,it makes me so sad to think that people think that is good food. They are really missing a treat for their taste buds…….


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