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Over the Kitchen Sink

In Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe, Ninny Threadgoode is talking to Evelyn Couch and she says that she likes those brown and serve rolls with a little syrup and you can only eat like that at home.
I love, love, love this book. I love what Mrs. Threadgoode says here about how we eat at home because there is a difference. Eating at home is not at all like eating in a restaurant or eating out in public.

Lots of times I have eaten a cold pancake long after breakfast was over with whatever was around – grape jelly, bacon crumbles from the paper towel they were drained on…stuffing my mouth over the kitchen sink.

Don’t be confused here; I do love the ritual of the meal – sitting down at a table – enjoying it thoroughly.

But eating home cooked food can be lots of things…a bite left in the pan that there is no reason to put in the frig…put in my mouth saves time. Over the pan; Over the sink. Less mess, ya know. No waste.

I love sweetened condensed milk and if I have an open can in the frig I will put it in my tea. I will also eat it with a spoon out of the can standing in front of the refrigerator right before bed. And I don’t feel one bit guilty.

What have you eaten over the kitchen sink lately?

One thought on “Over the Kitchen Sink

  1. I just had a warm, fresh (butt-end,the best!) piece of bread,moments from being out of the oven….and yes I ate it over the sink,all dripping with melting butter. I eat over the sink all the time! Usually breakfast and snack(No lunch,I just grab a bite when I can) and then at night is the sit down meal with hubby.


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