My Vacation Wasn’t Long Enough

And you probably feel the same way I do!
I had a great 3 day get-away to my nieces wedding reception in rockin’ Caldwell, Idaho. The night I got there it had barely cooled down from 108 degrees. Thank God for air conditioning, in the car and house. It was a beautiful party with lots of people, beer and of course, food! My niece looked gorgeous and the party, held at my parents house, was a huge success.
It was pretty clear that everyone had a wonderful time and most definitely, a memorable time.

 The top of the cake…to be saved for later…
 The blushing bride and her sisters.
 A melancholy look at a view we won’t get again because…they sold the farm.

 I think he’s trying to say ‘Is yours as strong as mine?’

The beautiful wedding cake homemade by my-step-mom. And check out those sexy looking cupcakes:)

What’s a wedding cake without a poke from a mysterious little hand?! I think I have an idea 😉

Well, I did say they sold the farm, so the next time I go visit…it won’t be where I’ve been visiting for the past 28 years. So many memories come from a home…no matter where it is.

Hope you’re all having a great summer, creating memories! I still need to catch up on sleep…



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