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Week 26

Week 26

Officially, the half-way mark or high water mark of summer! However you want to say it; I’ve been on this project for 6 months as of this week. And, I have a surprise for you: I’m not shopping this week.

Nope, I was away for 3 days and 3 nights. I have food in the frig and freezer. So, I’m going to make do with what I have. So far, for lunch I’ve had chili that was frozen, I have eggs, peanut butter, beans and lentils, flour for bread (if I need to I can bake in the morning), cereal and a big can of tuna and eggs. I know, I could use some produce, but, I have lettuce in my garden. I have canned apricots. This week, I will make do, and make do just fine.

Each week, it’s a good idea to buy a few items that will carry over into the next or to have in the pantry for whenever  they’re needed. Stocking up, whether its a can here or a jar there, it just makes sense. Since I’ve done just that, this is my week to save a week.



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