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Week 31

Last week I made two stops during lunch at work.

Demi-baguette 1.49
Tax .09
Total 1.58

Bagel 1.00 Total

Week 31

Chocolate covered almonds 1.87
Baking soda .52
Evaporated milk .78
Bananas 1.21
Strawberries 1.99
Oats 1.44
Mushrooms 1.99
Kiwi, 1  .33
Chocolates, 2  .70
Yogurt 2.69
Lifesavers .79
Avocado 1.99
Onions .71
Tomatoes .96
Garlic .49
Milk 1.99
Half and half 1.89
Total 22.34

Bagel 1.00

This Week’s Grand Total

A while back, I got 2 bags of carrots from the food co-op. I made a pretty good curried carrot soup with them – with what I had left over after eating some raw – which was about a pound and a half. Last night I made penne pasta with onion, garlic, mushroom, tomatoes and bacon. Very tasty. I had regular cheese, and did not add it, but parmesan would have been good. I’ll have to get some on my next trip – but it’s a good work lunch.

Breakfast has been oatmeal – my go-to. I feel like I have plenty of food right now for one person. Plenty of beans and peas from the garden. I planted spaghetti squash and zucchini and both are starting to blossom. Hope I don’t have zucchini coming out of my ears; and then again, I hope I do so I can freeze some and make zucchini bread. Mmmm, fall cooking is right around the corner.

As always, I encourage you to share your success stories with your own budgets. Along with any concerns you may having cooking different things. I would love to hear your stories and help out!

Have a great week!


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