Prepared with Food in Case of Disaster

It is highly important to be prepared for disaster. Besides the regulatory flashlight, batteries and water, other resources are very important to have ready when you need them. Food is something we take for granted will always be available whether we can afford it or not. In some severe cases, it is not available. And all it takes is panic-stricken buying before anything actually happens to wipe out local stores.

I understand, I am speaking to people on limited budgets, and it’s not easy to run out and stock up. What you can do, is make a list of what you would need for yourself and your family and weekly with your budget add a few things to your emergency list. And keep that food in a separate place – possibly a bin or cupboard not used regularly.

The links below I found very helpful in understanding what is needed, in food and resources. In the food article it is important to read the comments as some people who have posted have been through disasters and spoke from experience. I went through the Northridge quake in 1994, but did not have any serious problems. What I did notice that in the area I lived in, where we were not badly affected, people just wanted to be a part of it. I saw people in the grocery store buying one or two items just to see the damage, experience what they could and talk to others. In a funny way it brought people together who would not normally speak to each other. At the end of the day we are all human beings.

One item that particularly stood out was a propane bbq with a side burner. Sterno cans or a small butane stove would be extremely useful. Think of camping – you are in the middle of nowhere and need to eat and need to be self-contained.

Also, remember your pets!!! Remember your medications!!!

Another very important thing to have is playing cards. Trust me on this one.

We are much more resilient than we think we are and very strong people.

Keep the faith, be prepared and stay safe!




One thought on “Prepared with Food in Case of Disaster

  1. Water is a big one… unfortunately it takes up lots of room to actually have enough on hand for all of us for even a few days worth. I have been giving this some consideration as to where I could store it…. I'm thinking 12 gallons minimum. Last year we had that crazy Halloween storm and we were w/out power for 7 days and prior to that we were out for 4 days with hurricane Irene…


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