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Week 32

Week 32

Yes, I am far behind. It was one of those weeks – issues came up. And I had to make calls when I got off work and on my lunch break, only to be put on hold for-ever. Oh, joy. Needless to say, I was a little exhausted. My planning for lunches was really bad, and by the time I got home I was starving – not good. Eeeek!!!

Akmak crackers 2.49
Almonds, bulk 1.50
Cheese, muenster 3.29
Tax .50
Total 7.78

Milk 1.99
Half and half 1.89
Parmesan 3.60
Tuna, 2 cans 2.58
Bananas 1.15
Mozzarella 6.99
Eggs 1.69
Avocado 1.99
Green onions .79
Potatoes, 5# bag 2.19
Green pepper .68
Tomatoes 1.45
Olives, can 1.49
Bean sprouts .68
Total 29.16

Bagel .99
Cheese, provolone 2.19
Tax .19
Total 3.37

Oatmeal cookie 2.00

The grand total of this crazy week?


Also, last week I had a bagel that I forgot about, an additional 1.00 (it’s been updated).

This week is a classic example of stress, too much to do in very little time – and not thinking ahead. Hey, this week I about had it with the world! Did I mention my commute is an hour total(to and from). When I get home, I’m tired out just from the drive.

Life has a way of saying, Hey, did you forget about this? Or, If you don’t take care of this now, it will bite you in the ass later. Yea, I felt like I was on hold most of my free time. And it’s still not all taken care of…that will be Tuesday.

Of course, I craved stress food: bagels and cookies. I have to say that oatmeal cookie was one of the best I’ve ever had, and it was huge. So, I ate it all at once, for lunch – just to spite myself for not packing a lunch and taking care of myself. Don’t you just love days like that? Along with my dog who needs some extra special attention these days and a personal writing project, oh, yea, by the way.

It feels like fall! Which means school! I love how the weather changes right around the start of school. I am really interested to learn how parents are feeding their children for school with breakfast and lunch. When my son was in school, we qualified for the lunch program, but he wouldn’t do it. It seemed to be some social stigma, he referred to as ‘State Food’. So, he took what I could give him. In high school, he just took snacks, brought money for a snack and a drink – and I  made sure there were leftovers and frozen burritos for when he got home.

So, how do you feed your kids for school? Do they like what they’re getting? What works and what doesn’t?

Please share your stories! Sharing encourages others after people hear stories similar to their own. It is important to help each other – always!

Happy School Days!


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