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6 Buy whole ingredients.

The ingredients we make our meals from should be whole. Appreciate each whole ingredient
before you combine them with other ingredients. By buying whole ingredients you’ll love and
appreciate each individual taste in its natural state. If you buy mainly whole foods, you know
what you’re getting. When you do need to buy other items take the time to read the ingredients.
Then be sure that that once-in-a-while item contains only whole ingredients.

Let me be as clear as possible. It’s the whole singular ingredient I’m talking about. You need
not buy the whole grain to make your own flour, unless you really want to do that. The ingredient
list should be singular; it should just be what it says it is. If you buy mainly whole foods, you
know what you’re getting.

Buying in season and local is quite often a luxury. I love to go to the local farmer’s market, but for most of my life I have just gone to my neighborhood grocery store. I’ve bought what’s on sale. I have always lived on a budget, the more I can stretch my dollars the wiser and more self-reliant
I feel. The market always has locally grown produce, in season, at great prices.

Support local farmers by joining a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. It’s worth it to buy from people that care about what they do, for the sheer joy of sharing the result itself. If this
is an option for you, it’s a wonderful choice to have.

Join a food co-op, they offer bulk items and wonderful produce. Their products support local
farmers, producers and the environment.

Once you become interested and actively play a part in where your food comes from, the foods
become a part of you and your life; you see in your mind how they will take life your kitchen
and taste in your mouth.


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