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5 Remove convenience food from your life.

Instant gratification should not pertain to meals. We should have hunger pangs, it means mealtime
is coming up and our bodies are expecting nourishment and our souls are expecting
replenishment. Simple as that. Our stomachs are supposed to rumble and create gastric juices; these
juices are what are needed to help our food digest.

Food is not just something to fill a void and grab what is cheap and convenient because it’s there
and you can. Eating is also an experience and a pleasure to look forward to. It’s not just about
what’s going into your mouth but a full sensation of the area around you to create an experience.

There are plenty of natural foods to tide you over like fruit and nuts, a slice of bread and cheese.
And it only takes about five bites, not a massive consumption of calories and excess.

No processed or premade foods. Stay away from prepared frozen foods. Stay away from anything
readily prepared in a box or a can or a bag—anything. Also, watch out for deli meats and
processed cheeses.

No fast food, absolutely never, ever. I am adamantly against fast food now and I have eaten
my fair share. What I have done is take a real look at what fast food places are offering us as food. The meals they offer are questionable. A high fat, high sodium meal is not going to make us feel good and soon after eating a meal like this we feel sluggish. Just think about it. Think about how you feel.

First of all the calories are twice as much as the same item prepared at home.

The fat content is always so much more. A supersized meal that says the fried items contain no
cholesterol is loaded with fat that can be converted to cholesterol in the blood.

Sugar, even in entrée items, especially Asian food, blended beverages and smoothies. A so-called
healthy muffin is more often like eating a slice of cake or a few doughnuts.

Sodium is out of control; many entrée items have more salt than you should consume in one day.
Excess sodium leads to high blood pressure which can also lead to high cholesterol.

Ordering a salad at a fast food restaurant is not always a healthy choice because it may have more
calories than a regular item on the menu.

There will be little to no fiber in any item from a fast food restaurant.

Last but not forgotten, never buy soda. Drink water.

If you can do this in the beginning, you are headed in the right direction—your kitchen.


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