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14 Take your food with you.

If you don’t have a small cooler or a thermos, get them, it will be a good investment. Be sure to
stock up on jars of all sizes. When you’re going somewhere and you know you’ll be gone for a
while, bring something with you. Take a sandwich for in between your shopping trip. Take coffee or tea in a thermos. Set time out for a break and park your car in a place with a nice view and
listen to the radio.

Take your lunch to work every day. Create a lunch kit that you will use daily. Flatware, a cloth
napkin, glass containers, a hot/cold container to keep it if you don’t have access to a microwave
where you work. I found a thermos really comforting for coffee or tea, I’m never worried
about going out of the office for anything, and I have all that I need at arm’s reach. A commuter
mug, keeps my hot tea hot for a longer period of time; a stainless steel bottle of water on my desk.

What do you eat or drink primarily when you are out? If you drink iced drinks, invest in an
ecological iced drink cup with a straw; a to-go tumbler.

In my figure skating days I took a cooler and a thermos with me to the ice rink every morning. I
only ate what I brought with me: fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, turkey burgers, salads, leftovers,
muffins and yogurt. I ate very well. Peppermint tea with honey and water to drink. I made up my
food for the next day the night before so all I had to do was put it in my cooler.

I still have my very first Snoopy lunch box that was customized by my grandmother with my
name painted on it. I love to take my food with me and have never had a problem telling others I
brought my lunch.

Often, I keep a small jar of nuts or some homemade cookies in my purse just due to the fact that sometimes it takes longer to do things than anticipated. This habit keeps me in check and I don’t get ravenous and have to go and get something because I feel a bit shaky. I know my own eating habits and when I think I might get hungry.

You’re going to be hungry. Be prepared by being prepared at home.


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