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5 Remove convenience food from your life.

Instant gratification should not pertain to meals. We should have hunger pangs, it means mealtime is coming up and our bodies are expecting nourishment and our souls are expecting replenishment. Simple as that. Our stomachs are supposed to rumble and create gastric juices; these juices are what are needed to help our food digest. Food… Continue reading 5 Remove convenience food from your life.

Fear of the Inconvenient

Fear of the Inconvenient

This will be a sci-fi horror movie, with a Twilight Zone twist.Imagine a world where there are no fast food chains. Driving home at the end of the day, there are small markets, advertising fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, grains are in big barrels to scoop yourself. Imagine this would be where your meals came from.… Continue reading Fear of the Inconvenient