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10 Collect flavors.

A few herbs growing in pots in your kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, it will make your cooking taste better. Rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, mint and parsley—are all good choices as they can be grown in small containers, just make sure they are in a warm spot and get about five hours of sunlight… Continue reading 10 Collect flavors.

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5 Remove convenience food from your life.

Instant gratification should not pertain to meals. We should have hunger pangs, it means mealtime is coming up and our bodies are expecting nourishment and our souls are expecting replenishment. Simple as that. Our stomachs are supposed to rumble and create gastric juices; these juices are what are needed to help our food digest. Food… Continue reading 5 Remove convenience food from your life.

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3 Create meaningful holidays

The holidays are an overwhelming time whether we have a tight budget or have enough to freely spend on others. Pressure, tension and frenzy all lead to exhaustion and eventually a burst if emotion. Overspending and acquiring debt that created excess material stuff in our homes that will soon be forgotten. Instead of all the… Continue reading 3 Create meaningful holidays

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2 Show some love.

A messy kitchen is a working kitchen and there is nothing as lovely to see as that, or as daunting. But we must have a clean, sanitary kitchen free of bacteria and healthy. Once a month I like to do a deep cleaning; taking apart the stove and cleaning the oven, going through the refrigerator.… Continue reading 2 Show some love.

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1 Good food takes time.

Get this in your head. Cooking is an inspired action; cook and you will be inspired to cook more. Emerson wrote “The law of nature is; do the thing and you shall have the power.” Good cooking is a powerful action. Taking the time to prepare good nourishing meals is as nourishing as the food… Continue reading 1 Good food takes time.