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18 Use reusable, real things.

By all means, I do not intend you to pull out your grandmother’s linen tablecloths from her wedding in 1948. Only if you really want to. And not running out and buying brand new 100% linen napkins. Look at what you have, first, see what you can and want to use, then when the opportunity… Continue reading 18 Use reusable, real things.

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17 Be thankful and show appreciation.

It’s just nice. And it really feels good to say thanks. It’s still common in many households to say grace and thank the provider and preparer of the meal before you begin to eat. Being thankful should not be awkward or embarrassing. To say thanks does not have to be religious, it can simply be… Continue reading 17 Be thankful and show appreciation.

Celebrations · Special Occasions

16 Make everyday a special occasion.

Each day it’s important to stop and take a look at what you have. Appreciate what you’ve got and what you are capable of making a present possibility in your life. Make sure you feel special with the meals that you eat. In some way or another create a way to make it an occasion.… Continue reading 16 Make everyday a special occasion.

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14 Take your food with you.

If you don’t have a small cooler or a thermos, get them, it will be a good investment. Be sure to stock up on jars of all sizes. When you’re going somewhere and you know you’ll be gone for a while, bring something with you. Take a sandwich for in between your shopping trip. Take… Continue reading 14 Take your food with you.

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13 Put up the extra.

This is the ultimate in forethought. If you are fortunate to have an abundant quantity of fresh produce, make jam, make tomato sauce or apple sauce. One of the greatest things I’ve learned is to can using a hot water bath to seal the jars. It’s easy, inexpensive and highly rewarding. Fill your pantry with… Continue reading 13 Put up the extra.

Benefits of Home Cooking · Little Rituals · Self-Defining Meals

11 Eat Three meals a day.

Mealtime always comes around. Sacred times in your day. Set times and set places. When our body knows meal time is coming it will tell you. In-between meal snacks become less desirable when you are looking forward to a satisfying meal. If meal time is late, it’s late. Your stomach will still be satisfied. Just… Continue reading 11 Eat Three meals a day.

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10 Collect flavors.

A few herbs growing in pots in your kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, it will make your cooking taste better. Rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, mint and parsley—are all good choices as they can be grown in small containers, just make sure they are in a warm spot and get about five hours of sunlight… Continue reading 10 Collect flavors.

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9 Stock your pantry.

A well-stocked pantry creates self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The ability to create simple ingredient meals made with what you have on hand all the time is a very good feeling. Making simple ingredient meals creates a feeling of resourcefulness. Basic pantry cooking should not be boring and it should be comforting. There should always be enough… Continue reading 9 Stock your pantry.

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7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.

It’s an old fashioned ritual to stop everything and eat. I think it’s a really good thing to try and carve out eating time. Stop the car. Stop working. Stop the t.v. Turn off the computer. Stop texting. Never, ever, eat standing up. Don’t answer your phone. Honor this ritual. Savor your food; really taste… Continue reading 7 Stop what you’re doing to eat.

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6 Buy whole ingredients.

The ingredients we make our meals from should be whole. Appreciate each whole ingredient before you combine them with other ingredients. By buying whole ingredients you’ll love and appreciate each individual taste in its natural state. If you buy mainly whole foods, you know what you’re getting. When you do need to buy other items… Continue reading 6 Buy whole ingredients.

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5 Remove convenience food from your life.

Instant gratification should not pertain to meals. We should have hunger pangs, it means mealtime is coming up and our bodies are expecting nourishment and our souls are expecting replenishment. Simple as that. Our stomachs are supposed to rumble and create gastric juices; these juices are what are needed to help our food digest. Food… Continue reading 5 Remove convenience food from your life.